Episode 13 - Let's get real about what we're being told. What will this episode cover? Scroll down to learn more but first....

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Now, back to this episode...let's talk some emotional truths. Everyday we're being led to more and more "truths" that really aren't our own. We are fed a constant stream of media mantras about our health and various other subjects that can stick in our minds without us realizing.

These turn into false beliefs and before we know it, we make choices and operate from these viewpoints and let's face it, marketing mantras from the media - creating fear. False beliefs can do all the way back to childhood too - even starting in the womb!

The past year has been a test of all of this - but when you step back, pause and really reflect what is being TOLD to you versus what YOU feel is right, then it's easier to understand and see how and why people make the choices they do.


Negative bias - while it's normal to automatically think this way - it's not something you have to always just live with. Let's dive into it with episode 13.


Health Talk: Toxins play a huge role in your physical and mental health. Fulvic Acid can help your body detoxify and therefore, fuel what your mind needs to help battle those negative thoughts too!

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