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Join Author Lindsay Gibson, Trauma Survivor, Natural Mental Health Advocate & Fiction Writer -as she shares natural mental wellness tips, inspiration and how fictional storytelling can offer you a new avenue of healing - all while creating coziness at home.

Today's episode featured Nanonutra Liposomal Vitamin C - a highly absorbable form of vitamin C and one that more efficiently transform fats from food into energy.

Vitamin C supports the body to metabolize fats & proteins into useable energy instead of storing it in the body. Win Win for this vitamin C! There are also other vitamin C options to browse over in the Health Ranger Store.  

Three C's of Resilience

  • Compassion
  • Connection
  • Vitamin C

How do all three of these work together? Why is compassion and connection equally, if not more important than vitamin c for your mind and body health?

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Episode 13 - Let's get real about what we're being told. What will this episode cover? Scroll down to learn more but first....

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Now, back to this episode...let's talk some emotional truths. Everyday we're being led to more and more "truths" that really aren't our own. We are fed a constant stream of media mantras about our health and various other subjects that can stick in our minds without us realizing.

These turn into false beliefs and before we know it, we make choices and operate from these viewpoints and let's face it, marketing mantras from the media - creating fear. False beliefs can do all the way back to childhood too - even starting in the womb!

The past year has been a test of all of this - but when you step back, pause and really reflect what is being TOLD to you versus what YOU feel is right, then it's easier to understand and see how and why people make the choices they do.


Negative bias - while it's normal to automatically think this way - it's not something you have to always just live with. Let's dive into it with episode 13.


Health Talk: Toxins play a huge role in your physical and mental health. Fulvic Acid can help your body detoxify and therefore, fuel what your mind needs to help battle those negative thoughts too!


Trust is hard. So many things can knock it down - but you CAN rebuild it! Tune into episode 12 to learn how and tap into yourself again, so you can come out of those comfort zones and gain your confidence.

Today's Product Spotlight: Mary Ruth's Nighttime Minerals 

  • Sleep Better
  • Absorb critical minerals easier
  • Relax more

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No Greater Love - Special Series

Recap of week one's No Greater Love series. How to find happiness in small moments or" pockets of joy" each day. Make sure to catch up on the rest of the series here!




Love Paints the Way

Episode 10 pulls from the finale of January's short story series: Love Paints the Way. 

Read the whole series

Love Paints the Way

Follow along for Rebecca's journey in February's series or head over to and subscribe to Lindsay's free monthly newsletter for each month's short stories, episodes and more exclusive natural living and healing tips. January's newsletter featured a guide to re-writing out your life & start reconstructing yourself in order to push past all the doubt - and back into your passions!

February will feature: No Greater Love short story series with Rebecca, Love Yourself Again podcast episodes and exclusive love your body detox! Sign up today! 

Emotional Overwhelm 

Rebecca faced a tough situation when she stood in the bathroom and looked into her own eyes in the mirror. Facing ourselves is incredibly hard. When was the last time you ever just stood and looked at yourself. Do you smile? Do you critique yourself? (I have certainly been guilty of that!). Do you follow your passions and gifts and live life to the fullest? If not - it's time to start!


Tune into episode ten where I discuss how the body responds to emotional overwhelm and how to slowly take back control of your health.


Have you ever paused to realize how busy you are? How your everyday demands have blocked you from so much inward reflection? Part III of Love Paints the Way in my January short story series brings Rebecca to this moment.  


Episode nine dives past the "busy" and back to you and your wellbeing. Why is this important? How to accomplish this? Tune in!


What was Rebecca using in her shower in Part IV of Love Paints the Way? Cherry Almost Prebiotic Wash! SHOP LEMONGRASS SPA to explore!


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Push past the...yes? Wait a minute...should we be saying yes? Depends...

Tune in to episode 8 where Lindsay discusses why "getting on the no train" (as Marie Foleo says) - is so important. Learn who and when you should say no to and push past the constant YES' towards others and bring it back to YOU!


Say Yes to you with this non-toxic and natural Bliss Box! 



Make sure to catch up on part II of January's short story series HERE. Rebecca faces someone special from her past who froze her authentic voice. In episode 7 - I will talk about how to un-freeze yourself in those moments and push past predictions you trap yourself in.

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Join me for my brand new short story kick-off! Each month, I will be sharing a 4-part short story series with 4 episodes here on The Just Be Podcast to compliment the lessons my characters go through.

Episode 6 will lead you through how to start this new year with passion!

Meet Rebecca! A hard working Talent Acquisition manager for a large corporate company, with a deep passion for painting. 

Health focus for part 1 - Immune Health. Click Here for My Best Immune Boosting Tips! 

Let Judgements Go

We do it in real life, we do it without realizing it and we can even do it while reading - we focus too much on what others think of us and how they make accomplishments and this blocks our own flow of love back to ourselves. 

Episode five discusses all about judgment, comparison and competing with others and this blocks you from loving YOU!


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